Club Competition

Participants are encouraged to participate in a club competition at the end of the year, where all participants are rewarded for their efforts over the year.  Watch this space for the date for our 2022 Geraldton Physie Club Competition and Dance Day!

The Club Competition and Dance Day happens in the church hall of Geraldton Anglican Cathedral, 101 Cathedral Avenue.  As in previous years, we will be holding both teams and individual competitions.  We comply COVID regulations.

A big thank you also to our judge Mrs Karen Moxey (Principal, Lea School of Physical Culture). Karen did an astounding job this year judging our 2021 competition via Zoom from north west NSW. We look forward to Karen being able to join us in person again once COVID restrictions ease. Thank you very very much for judging for us – very much appreciated.

Results for 2021 to be published soon:

Results for 2020 were as follows:

Teams: Tiny Tots versus Teeny Boppers
1st Teeny Boppers
2nd Tiny Tots

Teams: Teens versus Ladies
1st Ladies
2nd Teens

Grand Champion Team: Ladies

Individual Events
Teeny Boppers
1st Name withheld 2nd Joanna 3rd Myfanwy 4th Emmy

1st Mim 2nd Anneka 3rd Freya 4th Isabelle 5th Esther

1st Lin 2nd Eugenie 3rd Hannah 4th Belinda 5th Rosalie 6th Mel

Junior Club Marching: Name withheld
Senior Club Marching: Mim
Club Encouragement Award: Louisa
Club Person Award: Emmy
Club Grand Champion; Mim

Most Improved:
Tiny Tots: Cayla
Teeny Boppers: Name withheld
Teens: Anneka
Ladies: Rosalie

Tiny Tots Weekly Awards:
Positions: Philippa
Try: Nicola
Marching: Addison

Teeny Boppers Weekly Awards:
Positions: Joanna
Try: Bregje
Marching: Myfanwy

Teens Weekly Awards:
Positions: Freya
Try: Esther
Marching: Mim

Dedication Certificates for persisting through COVID
Tiny Tots: Nicola, Philippa, Khloe, Addison, Abigail, Cayla
Teeny Boppers: Name withheld, Joanna, Louisa, Emmy, Bredje, Myfanwy, Name withheld, Name withheld
Teens: Anneka, Freya, Mim, Isabelle, Esther
Ladies: Hannah, Belinda, Eugenie, Melinda, Rosalie, Lin

All first place achievers will hold the perpetual trophy for their age group for one year, then may purchase a replica trophy at next year’s competition.  Dancers awarded Club Grand Champion and Club Person will receive a replica at the club’s expense at next year’s competition.