Club Competition

Participants are encouraged to participate in a club competition at the end of the year, where all participants are rewarded for their efforts over the year.  The 2019 Geraldton Physie Club competition will be held on Sunday 29th September, 1:00pm – 4:00pm in the church hall of Geraldton Anglican Cathedral, 101 Cathedral Avenue.  Please note: this is a long weekend so save the date! As for last year, we will be holding both teams and individual competitions, as well as performing an item just for fun.

The results for 2018 were as follows:
1st Teeny Boppers Navy
2nd Teeny Boppers Silver

1st Teens
2nd Ladies

Individual Events
Teeny Boppers
1st Mim, 2nd Esther, 3rd Isabelle, 4th Joanna

1st Freya, 2nd Anneka, 3rd Niamh

1st Melinda, 2nd Natachia, 3rd Eugenie

Junior Club Marching: name not disclosed
Senior Club Marching: Eugenie
Club Encouragement Award: Akur
Club Person Award: Joanna
Club Grand Champion: Melinda

Most Improved:
Tiny Tots: Kayla
Teeny Boppers: Myfanwy
Teens: Niamh
Ladies: Rosalie

Tiny Tots:
Positions: Louisa
Try: Addison
Marching: Name not disclosed

Teeny Boppers:
Positions: Isabelle
Try: Name not disclosed
Marching: Mim

100% attendance
Mim, Freya, Esther, Isabelle, Mel, Niamh, name not disclosed,
name not disclosed.