Q. My boy loves practising Physie at home with my daughter. Can he join Physie?

A. That’s great that your boy enjoys dancing! Geraldton Physie however, is for girls and women.

Q. I have never danced before, and neither has my daughter – can we join Physie?

A. Yes.  There is no prior dance experience required. Routines are new every year, so everyone is learning together.

Q. I have a knee injury that means I cannot do certain movements.  Will this matter?

A. Physie is first and foremost about fun, fitness and flexibility. It is very common for participants especially in the ladies class to have pre-existing conditions that mean they cannot perform all the movements comfortably or safely. This is no impedement to participating fully, as alternate movements will be tailored for you.  If you choose to participate in the end of year club competition, there is no penalty for performing an alternate movement due to a pre-existing condition.

Q. My partner works away, and I know there will be some weeks my daughter will be unable to attend. Will this be a problem for her?

A. We understand that life can be complex.  Your daughter is welcome to come whenever she can. It may be best for you to choose to pay $8 week by week (in addition to a once-off annual registration fee of $60) rather than by the term as unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds for missed lessons.

Q. I’m not quite sure how to ask this, but will I have to wear a leotard and tanning lotion?

A. All participants may wear any comfortable clothing they wish to classes (see What to Wear). If you choose to participate in the Club Competition at the end of the year, girls wear a high necked club leotard and silver soft split-soled ballets.  Ladies may wear a high-necked club leotard and black skirt over black 3/4 tights and shimmer tights with silver ballets, or they may choose to substitute the leotard with a navy club polo shirt. The choice is yours.  And as for tanning lotion – the answer is no.

Q. I’ve noticed there are two cathedrals in Cathedral Avenue – which one is the Anglican Cathedral?

A. The Anglican Cathedral is called Holy Cross Anglican Cathedral and is located on the corner of Carson Terrace and Cathedral Avenue. See Classes and Times for a map and photo.  Classes are held in the church hall just behind the Cathedral.

Q. Our family has made a New Year’s resolution to limit the amount of time we spend travelling for our children’s activities.  How much travel is involved in Physie?

A. All classes and the end of year Club competition are held in Geraldton.  There is no travel requirement outside Geraldton.

Q. I am someone who likes to practice during the week, but I am certain I won’t be able to remember what I was taught in class.  How can you help me?

A.  You are not alone – it is difficult to remember the routines once you get home and life takes over.  We can help you in 2 ways, depending on whether you are a visual or written work learner.  On registration, a link will be given to you to download practice videos on Facebook. Additionally, each routine will be made available in written form on our website under a page entitled Routines, thanks to the generosity of our Principal and choreographer, Karen Moxey.   If you are new to Physie, the written form will be of more use to you once you have learnt what each step is called.  Otherwise it would be a little like trying to read a knitting pattern without any prior knowledge. It does not cost you anything to download the written work, we just require that you are a member of Geraldton Physie.

Q. My daughter did Physie last year, and so did I.  She has grown out of her silver physie ballets, and mine look a little worse for wear.  Do I have to buy 2 new pairs?

A.  This is a very common question.  As our club grows (and so do our children), we find our club often has a supply of good quality second hand shoes that are available at a very reasonable price.  Please speak to Hannah if you either need to sell, or purchase new shoes.  Also, our club has a supply of silver flex paint to give tired shoes a new lease of life.  Please let Hannah know if your shoes would love a make-over.

Q. My daughter has just found out about Physie from a friend – she would love to start, but she has missed the first 2 weeks.  Can she still join?

A. Yes. For the first 6 weeks we take a lot of care to repeat what we have learnt before moving on.  Your daughter is welcome to join any time throughout Term 1 – after that time, it is probably best to wait until the following year to give her the best opportunity to learn along with the group.

Q. My daughter is only 6 but has danced before and is quick to learn.  Would she be in Tiny Tots, or could she join the next age group?

A. Yes.  At Physie, we are flexible about ages.  Girls who are confident dancers may wish to join the next age group.  Similarly, 7 year olds who are new to Physie may feel more comfortable in Tiny Tots.