Online classes

Due to COVID19, all in-person classes were currently suspended for a period. Should this situation recur, weekly classes will again be delivered online via our Facebook page, Geraldton Physical Culture as pre-recorded videos. All videos are clearly labelled by age group, date and part (for example, Tiny Tots 24th March Part 1/2).   Classes are available to all current members of Geraldton Physical Culture.

To access the videos, please send a friend request to instructress, Virginia Grice. Once accepted, you will be added to the closed Facebook group. Please indicate your/your child’s attendance by “liking” the video.

If Facebook is not an option for you please let me know. Dropbox is an alternative.

Fees for attendance at online lessons remain the same at $8/lesson, with fees for Term 2 fixed at $80 for the 10 lessons.  At this stage, there is every indication that lessons for Term 2 will be delivered online.  Fees are payable by direct deposit by term (preferred) or weekly into:

Faye School of Physical Culture Geraldton Branch   BSB 032-555 A/C 242-886.

COVID19 has been a time of serious workplace disruption, placing many under financial stress.  Please contact me, Virginia Grice if you need to discuss your own or your child’s fees.  The goal is to carry each other through this pandemic with kindness and understanding.