What to Wear

Participants may wear bike pants/tights/sports skirt/shorts and any t-shirt of their choice to classes.  For beginners, any soft, split-soled ballets or even anklet socks are adequate.  For performances at the end of the year, younger girls wear a high-necked club leotard, shimmer tights and silver soft, split-soled ballet shoes.  Similarly, ladies may wear any comfortable clothing to classes, and a dark blue polo shirt, black skirt, black 3/4 tights and silver soft, split-soled ballet shoes for performances.

A range of club leotards are available for an annual hire fee of $20.  Club shirts may also be ordered for $20 (girls) and $25 (ladies).  As our club (!and feet) grows, we have a limited number of second hand shoes available for hire for $15/year that are then returned to the club.  Alternatively soft, split-soled ballet shoes may be ordered online from Bloch’s Dancewear,  www.bloch.com.au for approximately $50 – $55 depending on size.  The Parramatta store (02) 9635 9315 is always happy to help, and can access a wide range of fittings.  The item to ask for is:

S0288LF – Bloch Low Vamp Split Sole Women’s Flat Shoe (Ladies’ sizes) or S0288GF – Bloch Low Vamp Split Sole Children’s Flat Shoe (Kids’ sizes). Staff will help you submit foot measurements to ensure accurate sizing.

Occasionally only pink ballet shoes are available; if this is the case, they can easily be sprayed with silver spray.  Shimmer tights are also able to be ordered from Bloch’s for approximately $15- please enquire as to price (size dependent).